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Men of War complete catalogue gets bundled up and sold for cheap

Here's another casualty in the internet's extended and ferocious war on prices. Bundle Stars , one of the many hundred financial death squads that roam the digital battlefield, have rounded up the Men of Wars and are holding them to ransom. Of course, because they're a bundle seller, that ransom is exceedingly reasonable, and gets you every game in the RTS series and their collective DLCs.

Here's what you get:

  • Men of War

  • Men of War: Assault Squad

  • Men of War: Red Tide

  • Men of War: Condemned Heroes

  • Men of War: Vietnam

And here's what it costs: £2.30/$3.59/€2.72

All of which will set you up nicely for Men of War: Assault Squad 2, which was announced back in July.

There's just under 14 days left in the bundle , giving you plenty of time to plan your purchase strategy. 5% of the package's profits will go to the ace gaming charity SpecialEffect .

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