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Show us your rig

Each week on Show Us Your Rig, we feature PC gaming's best and brightest as they show us the systems they use to work and play.

Chris Kramer, managing director at Digitalmindsoft, has one of the first setups we've seen on Show Us Your Rig with a ultra wide, curved monitor—a trend that is slowly on the rise in the monitor world. He's got a clean looking rig powered by a powerful Titan X, but the above photo shows off something even more important: the triumphant return of adorable pets to the series. While I think we all could have done with at least 15 to 20 more photos of his dog, Kramer was kind enough to take some time and tell us about his PC.

What's in your PC?

  • Motherboard: MSI Z87-G45
  • CPU: i7 4790K @ 4400mhz
  • Cooler: Alpenföhn Matterhorn Pure
  • GPU: Titan X SC with backplate
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR3 @ 2400mhz
  • Storage: 250GB SSD & 1TB Hybrid SSD
  • PSU: 700 Watt BeQuiet
  • Case: Corsair Graphite 600T Big-Tower

Little opportunity is left for upgrading this system, so the next one will be a fresh set-up. I have a second set-up in the office, which I will likely exchange with my home office system later next year.

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Curved monitor

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What's the most interesting/unique part of your setup?

Definitely my curved 34” Ultra WQHD 21:9 screen. I always wanted to have a three screen set-up but never found an appealing solution, so I was pretty excited to pick this screen up. Even with the issues you are facing as an early adopter it’s paying off big-time and I feel the format has great potential.

What's always within arm's reach on your desk?

My Sennheister PC 363D 7.1 Headset, my Wacom Intous Pro, my phone and smartphone, as well as pen and paper for quick notes. I have everything needed to fight through the odds and ends of running a company nearby.

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What are you playing right now?

I’m trying to spend as much time as possible on our own games, especially Call to Arms. That way I can keep connected to the game and community. I feel, as a developer you need to know your game.

None the less, you can see me playing a couple of rounds of Insurgency from time to time. My most recent gaming adventures included Dying Light and This War of Mine. I played the latter together with my girlfriend and I enjoyed it purely for the fact that it told a lot about us. Sadly, I found out, that I’m not the tough person in this household…

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What's your favorite game and why?

Herzog Zwei did have the most influence on me. It boosted that unrivaled fascination for games that paved my way into the industry. Following closely are Dune II, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, and Unreal Tournament.

Other than that, I don’t really have a favorite game lately. Your perception of games becomes quite odd once you are working behind the scenes. I’m looking at games from a different perspective and it’s extremely hard to turn that off. So sometimes, I just feel like it’s better if I invest the time I have on improving the games that I can actually influence and if that’s not the case then I’m playing games mostly for the social component. As you all know, that includes games that aren’t your first pick, but it really doesn’t matter if you are enjoying yourself with your friends.

Kramer's office setup

Kramer's office setup
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