Black Friday

Thanksgiving sales and the PC Gamer Rig

Adam Oxford at

How much money could you save by buying the PC Gamer Rig this week, thanks to the various Black Friday bargains that are going around? Are PC components even included in any of these seasonal fire sales?

To find out, we've done the shopping around for you.

Yes, Black Friday was technically yesterday, but the whole phenomenon is a relatively new one on these shores and I'm really only just starting to be aware of it. Besides, it seems to be more of a week long event than just one now, and this weekend is really when the bargains are to be found.

So if you're looking to build or upgrade your PC before Christmas, today could be the best day to do it.

A reminder – the PC Gamer Rig is our desktop for the average gamer. It's not the fastest PC you can build, or the cheapest, but it is the one that we think is the best possible value and will comfortably play any game now and in the foreseeable future for £1000/$1500.

Amazon UK's Black Friweek is disappointing

Henry Winchester at

Today is the vaguely sinister-sounding Black Friday, which actually began on Monday (according to Amazon) and ends on Sunday (according to HMV). Next year, Black Friday is set to last a whole year. Although we were hugely excited about the prospect of getting some cheap PC games and kit from, for the most part it’s been fairly disappointing.

In the US, titles like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Metro 2033 and Starcraft II have all been heavily discounted. In the UK the deals have been limited to games like Assassin’s Creed and Saints Row 3 - but only on consoles. Hardware has been similarly disappointing, with overpriced Logitech webcams and mice being reduced so they're priced normally.