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Sir, You Are Being Hunted update adds castle biome and soundtrack

Tom Sykes at

Big Robot's Britishness simulator has added the final piece of the puzzle - castles - to its procedurally generated landscape of drizzle, rural environments, snacks and murderous robots, which we all face every time we step out the door. The new castle biome, included in the latest update, adds the ruined tourist attractions to the established rural, fens, industrial and mountains biomes, along with the quaint signposts that herd sightseers to their next gawping point. It's an important update for other reasons too: an ambient soundtrack has been added to the game, giving us something to listen to while we're crouching behind a bush waiting to get the upper hand on our AI overlords. And. In. The. Game. More details, and a video, after the break.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted update brings tweaked variables, creepy landowner

Phil Savage at

A new update has been released for Sir, You Are Being Hunted. For many, that'll be good news, although I suspect the game's own robot hunters wouldn't see it that way. Not because they've been weakened - in fact their ranks have been bolstered by the new Landowner NPC - but because the rest of this update is designed to improve the 'feel' of the game. There's nothing like talk of feelings to alienate AI constructs.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted update brings wildlife, poachers and stealthier woodlands

Phil Savage at

As a former resident of the British countryside, there's something about Sir, You Are Being Hunted that's fantastically evocative. Maybe it's the browns and dark yellows of the encroaching woodland, the punctuated flapping of startled wildlife, or the cold distant bloops of a fully functioning murderbot. Hmm, now I think about it, Cumbria is a weird place. Better, then, to stay indoors, enjoying rural terror vicariously through this new December update.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted October update adds new biome, two new enemies

Ian Birnbaum at

Sir, You Are Being Hunted continues to squash bugs and add scares as it makes its way through Steam Early Access and toward its final release. The latest update, entitled “Pumpkin,” adds a new industrial biome, new functionality, and two suitably spooky enemy NPCs.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted lets players sneak into the alpha through Steam Early Access

Phil Savage at

I'll have to be quick. I took a wrong turn on the way to the office and now I'm lost in the woodlands, being tracked by posh, yet murderous robots. Coincidentally, it's a situation reminiscent of Sir, You Are Being Hunted: the open world stealth-'em-up from Big Robot, which is now available to buy in alpha form. Here, let me hastily embed a trailer, before metallic dogs track my scent, or, even worse, this flask of tea goes cold.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted teases new biomes, announces August 19 alpha release date

Ian Birnbaum at

Sir, You Are Being Hunted continues to impress and tantalize with its classy Tweed-coated killer robots. A new video by developer Jim Rossignol shows off the new fens biome (a wetland, essentially), announces a date for the alpha release, and teases some new content.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted screenshots cower from robot-inflicted doom

Ian Birnbaum at

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is one of my most anticipated games of the summer, and new screenshots showing off breathless, terrified games of hide-and-come-kill-me aren’t doing me any favors. Big Robot is just teasing me now, watching my fat little wallet run desperately across a procedurally generated British landscape.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted trailers show hiding, scrounging, marmalade and ham

Tom Sykes at

It's Sunday, it's (sorta) sunny - it's the perfect time for a picnic on the procedurally generated moors of Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Only instead of pork pies and jam sandwiches, there's a gang of tweed-clad robot maniacs looking to tear you limb from limb. Ah, that brings me back to the Sykes family outings of my youth. These twin gameplay videos show new footage of the (seemingly not too far off being complete) first-person stealth game, one with commentary, the other more indicative of how the game will actually play. Sir, you are being directed beneath the break.

Sir, You are Being Hunted invades Misty Bunmer with a shotgun

Tom Senior at

In our world, robots are idiots. They don't know what hats are. They don't know about gentlemanly fashion. They don't know how to hunt with shotguns. But they will, and when that day comes you'll be all the more prepared for watching the latest footage of Big Robot's Sir, You Are Being Hunted, which contains vital tips like DON'T MAKE NOISE. Robots have excellent hearing. Lesson 2: BEAR TRAPS ALSO WORK ON ROBOTS. Robots have more in common with bears than you might think (ie: legs). Tip the third: DON'T MANIPULATE RAVENS. It'll always backfire.

Learn thee these lessons three and thy survival shall be certain. Let us head afield and walk a brisk distance to the mysterious town of Misty Bunmer.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted successfully Kickstarted, celebrates with game footage

Richard Cobbett at

Steampunk survive-em-up Sir, You Are Being Hunted from PCG writer turned media-mogul-and-game-developer Jim Rossignol and his team has hit its £40,000 target and the killer robots will be deployed. That's a good thing, unless you find yourself hunted by them. Which you will. So... oops?

While the Kickstarter project is now in the realm of stretch-goals and sighs of relief however, some footage has emerged. It's alpha, apologising for bits looking - pardon the technical term here - 'pants', but should give you some idea of how the final game will play out. Just mentally add story elements, a totally different world every time, extra narration, and more robots. Polite ones. In tweed.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted sneaks onto Kickstarter

Tom Sykes at

Procedurally generated countryside survival title Sir, You Are Being Hunted has crept onto Kickstarter, bringing with it a couple of disclaimers, which we should mention before embarking any further. Our Online Editor Marsh Davies is doing illustration work for the game, specifically the inventory icons, and Big Robot's Jim Rossignol wrote for PC Gamer way back in the day. I have no stake in the game whatsoever, although I am a fan of robots, tea and the British countryside. With that out of the way - Big Robot are asking for a relatively modest £40,000 to finish development of the game, and over £5,000 has already been pledged.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted update talks AI and stealth, shows new hunting grounds

Tom Senior at

A big update on the current happenings surrounding Sir, You Are Being Hunted has appeared on the Big Robot site. It's a game about escaping a host of cyber-gents as they hunt you across a procedurally generated archipelago of islands. It's being built by former Bohemia and Creative Assembly designer, James Carey, programmer Tom Betts, part time coder Dan Puzey and former PC Gamer and current RPS gent, Jim Rossignol.

The team are currently working towards getting Sir to a state where they can shoot some in-game footage showing the hunting AI in action. As a squidgy human trapped in a world of iron tea-drinkers, you'll have to scavenge tools from your surroundings and stay out of sight to survive. Hunter AI and stealth mechanics are the current development focus.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted brings new screens; extremely polite robots out for your blood

Richard Cobbett at

Friend of PC Gamer, Mr. Jim Rossignol wishes it to be known that his new Gaming Endeavour For Gentlemen And Ladies, colloquially known as Sir, You Are Being Hunted continues its Gestation with much Alacrity. Featuring a British Countryside Generator to provide a Classy Hunting Ground without requiring those involved to sacrifice that most civilised of rituals, Afternoon Tea, and robots, which make anything better by simple dint of Being Robots, it is looking quite fine indeed, we do say.

Would Sir or Madame be interested in some additional pictures? We suspected as much...

Sir, You Are Being Hunted: an open world survival sim with robots, top hats, tea and terror

Tom Senior at

Ever had that nightmare in which you're hiding in the undergrowth on a cold British moor, desperately trying to avoid the baleful gaze of a top-hatted, shotgun-carrying robot silhouetted against the grey horizon? No? Well, Big Robot are about to give it to you with their newly announced robo-survival sim, Sir You Are Being Hunted.

If robots with top hats don't interest you then the words "British indie STALKER" might. It'll be an atmospheric shooter in which you must avoid the violent attentions of an army of disturbingly well-mannered robo-gents and their mechanical hunting hounds. Hunted is described as "an experiment in the kind of intelligence required for robots to hunt each other – and you – in a dynamic open world."

Musical puzzler AVSEQ gets a demo, out now

Tom Senior at

AVSEQ stands for Audio Visual Sequencer. It's a puzzle game in which you must draw links between descending orbs to vapourise them and unlock new notes on an audio sequencer cycling through the background. The idea is to build up massive chains to gain mega-points and unlock new notes for the gradually building musical score. You have to collect every note before the time runs out to beat the stage. It's join-the-dots against the clock with the added satisfaction of a swelling musical accompaniment.

There's a catch, though. If those orbs touch the bottom of the screen, they evaporate and break any chain they're hooked into. Each level becomes a frantic but absorbing game of risk vs reward as you try to sketch more and more ambitious webs over an increasingly kaleidoscopic backdrop. A two-mission demo is available now on the AVSEQ page of the Big-Robot site. If its musical tendrils manage to snare your attention, you can grab the full game here for a mere $5.