Sir, You Are Being Hunted update adds castle biome and soundtrack

Big Robot's Britishness simulator has added the final piece of the puzzle - castles - to its procedurally generated landscape of drizzle, rural environments, snacks and murderous robots, which we all face every time we step out the door. The new castle biome, included in the latest update , adds the ruined tourist attractions to the established rural, fens, industrial and mountains biomes, along with the quaint signposts that herd sightseers to their next gawping point. It's an important update for other reasons too: an ambient soundtrack has been added to the game, giving us something to listen to while we're crouching behind a bush waiting to get the upper hand on our AI overlords. And. In. The. Game. More details, and a video, after the break.

This will be the last major content update for the Sir, You Are Being Hunted alpha, although there is another patch in the works to "rejig some biome elements and add an end sequence". Multiplayer appears to be some way off yet, though Big Robot's Jim Rossignol mentions in the comments that a multiplayer prototype is up and running - so that's an encouraging sign.

Here's the full list of changes and fixes:


NEW - The Castle Biome (New island option in world creation.)

NEW - Soundtrack (Related audio slider in game options.)

NEW - Menu scenes including the world's greatest menu pheasant.

Scarecrow pathing reworked.

Landowner collider altered to improve pathing.

Squire audio altered to reflect movement.


Z-fighting on buildings and rock formations. (OMG!)

Slagheaps no longer have paths over them in Industrial biomes.

Fixed mesh combination at World Generation.

Fixed information window and V/O playing on fire use.

Pub sign taller to avoid collision with landscape and scenery.

FOV pop on binocular equipping.

Controller reworked in all menu situations.

Fixed erroneous mouse inputs during menu use.

Seabeast particle effect errors fixed.

No more crashes on rider death.

Fixed map use with controller (Marker placing still unsupported)

Tom Sykes

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