Summer Games Done Quick is a charity speedrunning event, now live

Shaun mentioned this earlier as part of Humble's SGDQ 2014 Bundle , but the main event is also deserving of attention. Summer Games Done Quick is a speedrunning event, and the sunnier companion to January's AGDQ . Over the next week, the livestream marathon will be raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

The concept, as the name suggests, is to stream live speedruns of a selection of games. That makes it ideal for those who appreciate non-segmented, live runs—there's no trickery or restarts here, so mistakes are made and mourned over the course of the event.

You can find the full schedule here , adjusted to your time zone. While it's predominantly geared towards old console games, there are more than a few PC-specific blocks on the timetable. Tomorrow, around 8am BST, you can see System Shock 2, Psychonauts and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. At 7pm BST on June 28, we'll see Half-Life 1, Half-Life 2 and both Portals.

You can see the full livestream at the Speed Demos Archive Twitch page , or embedded below.

If you miss any runs, you can catch up on the Twitch archive . Here's Bioshock 2 falling down in under an hour and a half:


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