Steam Controller and Steam Link is now available at EB Games

...and the prices aren't highway robbery, either.

If you're an Australian in the market for Valve's Steam-branded hardware, until now you've needed to purchase it on Steam in US dollars, and with a fairly hefty shipping fee to boot. That's no longer the case: EB Games has both the Steam Controller and Steam Link in stock now.

Spotted by Kotaku, it's unclear how long they've been available but it couldn't have been for long. Oh, and it's no longer possible to import the units direct from Steam anymore: the website points you towards EB Games.

At $89.95 for each, it's not a bad deal either (though the Steam Controller currently has a 30% discount on Valve's platform, so it's not a great deal right at this moment). In any case, it's still roughly on par with the DualShock 4 and Xbox One controller.


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