Payday 2: Armored Transport trailer steals a look at a new heist

I could have made a really funny joke about Overkill having pilfered the U out of their own title, but such geographically targeted japes have no place on an international news juggernaut. Having had such hilarity snatched from my hands, I'll have to settle for telling you about Armored Transport: a new Payday 2 mission pack that's planning to launch an attack on its co-op crime fans tomorrow.

The DLC will contain two new heists against the titular armoured vehicle, available over six different locations. Do well at those, and you'll unlock a harder job, robbing an armoured train to secure a military prototype. The pack will also contain three new weapons, four masks, and will let its owners host games for those without the DLC.

Armored Transport is out tomorrow.


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