Guide to the PC games of 2018


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Early 2018 | Bandai Namco | Link
After the animated series found repeated success on Netflix, the witches of Luna Nova Magical Academy are back to solve a mysterious time loop plaguing the school. Form a party comprised of the main cast or charming side characters and battle monsters in real-time using a variety of spells and physical attacks. Finals week, am I right?

The Swords of Ditto

2018 | onebitbeyond | Link
Contrary to popular belief, heroes do sometimes die. Lucky for us, their loot and legend lives on forever. The Swords of Ditto pits you and a friend against a world of monsters, dungeons, and oversized cats. When you die, a new hero and reshaped world is born, inspired and guided by the legends of those that came before, allowing you to recover old loot or discover new mysteries. Combat mixes elements of Zelda and Don’t Starve, and features nifty weapons like nerf guns, golf clubs, horse chestnut maces, and more.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

TBA | Cyanide Studio | Link
Rather than another Vampire: The Masquerade adventure (please?), the World of Darkness franchise is setting out to explore the world of its considerably more hairy RPG. There’s little more than an announcement to go on, but developer Cyanide Studio (Styx, Call of Cthulhu) have said they’ll explore the “shamanistic and tribal world” of the Garou (French for “werewolf”) as they battle the forces of The Wyrm. Werewolf will likely be an RPG, but with Cyanide’s history of creating bike racing management sims and Warhammer football games, who really knows?


2018 | Ink Stains Games | Link
Stoneshard wants to make you suffer. A turn-based roguelike RPG, it promises to starve you, cripple you, make you go into shock and drive you insane. But when you’re not suffering, you’ll be able to plunder caves, rescue villages and even build up your own company of mercenaries. There’s a management side to the game, then, as you try to keep everyone happy---if you don’t, they might betray you.

Blue Omen Operation

2019 | BananaSoft | Link
What if you took the Mario RPGs but swapped out Mario and Luigi for a cursed mechanic who is playing reluctant host to a supernatural parasite and a beast-person mage-in-training who knows the netherworld like the back of her hand? You’d probably have something a lot like Blue Omen Operation, an ‘action-command’ RPG. If it sounds like your thing, give the demo a play.

God Eater 3

TBA | Bandai Namco | Link
Sometimes a sandwich is all you need to fill you up, but other times your hunger is so great that it can only be sated by munching on a deity. Unfortunately, God Eater 3 is not the third entry in a series of divine cooking games, but rather it’s an action-RPG where you’re part of a team of monster-slayers in possession of extra-fancy, monster-killing weapons. These monsters, the Aragami, are taking over the world, changing and corrupting it, so they probably need a stern talking-to. 


2018 | Spiders | Link
Spiders’ RPGs are typically rough and derivative, but the studio is nothing if not prolific, and is back again with a new roleplaying outing. Greedfall takes aim at European colonialism, set on an island that’s been invaded by colonists, adventurers and treasure hunters who are apparently getting on the nerves of the indigenous peoples and their supernatural protectors. Expect multiple factions, as well as decisions (big and small) that change the fate of the island and its inhabitants.

Secret of Mana

February 15 | Square Enix | Link
The 1993 SNES classic RPG receives its first facelift in over two decades, with the original’s sprites being replaced with a chibi 3D graphics style akin to World of Final Fantasy. Other features include full voice acting for the game’s cast, the return of offline co-op, and the ability to switch between a rebuilt musical score or the original chiptune.

Lost Sphear

January 23 | Tokyo RPG Factory | Link
Billed as a “spiritual sequel” to Tokyo RPG Factory’s debut game I Am Setsuna, Lost Sphear aims to similarly reinvigorate the nostalgia of old school RPGs like Chrono Trigger. Players will explore a colorful world alongside a crew of allies as they try to determine why fragments of the world (and memories associated with them) are disappearing into nothingness. Improvements to the turn-based combat system include the ability to move allies around the battlefield, giving certain abilities an advantage over enemies, plus the chance to equip mechanized “Vulcosuits” that boost player’s stats dramatically.

Barkley 2

TBA | Tales of Game’s Studios | Link
Also known as The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7–Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie–Chapter 2 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa, this sequel to the hilarious JRPG-styled Barkley 1 could be one of the funniest games of the year, if it comes out this year. The project has been quiet for a while, but we’re hoping for more news at some point. 


Early 2018 | Klei | Link
A turn-based RPG with battles that look a bit Final Fantasy from the people behind Invisible Inc. and Don't Starve. The setting's sci-fi, the protagonists are pirates and mercenaries, and one of them's a neat-looking slug dude. Negotiation will apparently be as important as combat, and you'll be adventuring in a sandbox with its own simulated economy.

Sunless Skies

May | Failbetter | Link
The sequel to Sunless Sea leaves underground oceans behind and sets off into space. Set 10 years later in the year 1905, its steam-powered ships are now capable of interplanetary travel. As the captain of one you'll be experiencing familiar activities from Sunless Sea—like going mad, running out of food, and eating all your crew.

Shenmue 3

Late 2018 | Ys Net | Link
The sequel few thought would ever happen, Shenmue 3 features the return of martial arts everyman Ryo Hazuki as he closes in on the mystery of who killed his father. The game promises similar gameplay to previous entries, letting players combat enemies hand-to-hand, explore a living, populated world, and upgrade abilities. 

Boyfriend Dungeon

2019 | Kitfox Games | Link
You ever just stare at that random sword you bought on vacation and think “man, you just really get me”? Your weaponized wooing fantasies are make-believe no more, with each weapon in Boyfriend Dungeon turning into a hot, totally available man, woman, or cat apparently (hey, we’re not judging). Collect loot as you battle your way through isometric procedurally generated dungeons, then use your funds to take your halberd honey out on the town, where the game switches to a dating sim format.