Guide to the PC games of 2018



Fall 2018 | BioWare | Link
Enter a world of “freelancers” clad in mech suits protecting the world’s last bastion of humanity, and collect some loot while you’re at it. Similarities to Destiny aside, the multiplayer-focused Anthem promises the chance to soar through the skies (and underwater) on rocket boots, battle giant monsters, and contend with dangerous weather effects like “shaver storms.” 

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

2018 | Piranha Games | Link
In this singleplayer follow-up to Piranha's MechWarrior Online, you take charge of a mercenary operation in the Inner Sphere, the region of space surrounding earth, and melt some robots in the first MechWarrior campaign in 15 years. Developed in Unreal Engine 4, players will have the freedom to choose their house, travel anywhere, and fully customize their mechs for 12 versus 12 battles.


2018 | Experiment 101 | Link
This peculiar looking action-RPG mashes up ancient Wushu martial arts, gun-fu, and plenty of anthropomorphic beasts to take down, all in the name of protecting a vast, mystical land. Weapon crafting and the ability to infuse your character with psychic mutations or robotic limbs promise to let you bash heads in your own unique way. 

Dynasty Warriors 9

February 2018 | Koei Tecmo | Link
Jungle dozens and dozens of enemy warriors for thousand-hit combos in the latest Three Kingdoms brawler in Koei Tecmo’s long-running series. The series is moving from distinct battles to an open world that will offer different approaches to taking enemy strongholds. Don’t worry, you still get to hit thousands of dudes.

Death Stranding

TBA | Kojima Productions | Link  
Hideo Kojima and weird paramilitary nonsense are like peanut butter and jelly. The game’s first two trailers showed us a naked Norman Reedus, Guillermo Del Toro holding a fetus in a jar, and Mads Mikkelsen patrolling a sewer with skeleton-faced soldiers. The latest trailer, below, is a horrifying nightmarish sequence full of towering shadow monsters and a cheerful baby. How will it play? Kojima has revealed little, except to say it's an open world action game with interesting death mechanics.

Crackdown 3

2018 | Reagent Games, Sumo Digital, Cloudgine | Link
Leap like the Hulk across a futuristic neon metropolis and live out your supercop fantasies by systematically taking down a network of crime bosses and kingpins. A competitive multiplayer mode allows for skyscraper-smashing destruction through some cloud computing wizardry, but you’ll have to settle for a more restrained sense of action in the single-player/offline campaign.

Code Vein

2018 | Bandai Namco | Link
“Anime Dark Souls” is the Code Vein’s pigeonhole. You fight huge demons with even bigger swords in an crumbling, interconnected world. There’s a vampiric undertone too, and the game invites you to “give into the bloodlust fully and risk becoming one of the Lost, fiendish ghouls devoid of any remaining humanity.” Yes please. 

Past Cure 

February 2, 2018 | Phantom 8 Studio | Link
If you know what’s going on in Past Cure, it’s probably because you work at Phantom 8. Nobody else could make sense of the trailers. All we know is that Ian, a soldier, has been experimented on and now he’s trying to… get revenge? He’s also losing his mind. In the real world, it’s an action game, but there’s a nightmare world too, where the game becomes a survival horror affair with some puzzles thrown in for good measure.


Early 2018 | Iron Galaxy Studios | Link
Channeling some serious Attack on Titan vibes, Extinction throws you into a world full of 150-foot tall ogres and their minions intent on destroying humanity. As one of the world’s last defenders, you’ll scale great heights and leap through the air to reach their weak points, severing limbs in a bloody spectacle of violence. You’ll need to work fast and smart though, before each fully destructible environment is laid to waste.

God's Trigger

2018 | One More Level | Link
Harry and Judy, angel and demon, are not the pair you’d expect to find teaming up to stop the four horsemen of the apocalypse but apparently they have their reasons. God’s Trigger is a fast and bloody top-down action game where a quick trigger finger and a bit of communication help you take out hordes of supernatural enemies. You can take on one of the main characters, but God’s Trigger is better experienced alongside another player.

Tempest 4000

TBA | Llamasoft
A new Tempest game from Jeff Minter ought to be a treat. You play as a spaceship called the Claw and must shoot villains coming out you down a psychedelic pipe. As you’d hope, efficiency is rewarded with points and pretty explosions.

Laser League

Early 2018 | Roll7 | Link
Avoid the rotating laser barriers and claim the nodes in this futuristic sport designed for local competitive play. It’s in Early Access at the moment but it’s generating some good buzz, and we love a good multiplayer couch game on PC.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

March 2018 | Bandai Namco | Link
Okay so this game is not online and, rather than swords, features guns rather heavily. In fact the virtual world you’re fighting for is called Gun Gale Online. It’s the first Sword Art Online game to come to PC, which might be good news for fans of the books and anime series, if the game turns out to be any good. Expect snappy third-person combat and lots of big brown areas to explore.


2018 | DONTNOD Entertainment | Link
The developer behind Life Is Strange expands its horizons with this early 20th-century vampire fable set in London. As recent vampire Dr. Jonathan Reid, you must find a cure for the city’s disease-ridden population while balancing the politics of the undead bloodsuckers around you. When not fighting off vampire hunters or zombies, you’ll be deciding which citizens to feed on for progression points, with plenty of narrative consequences to follow. 

Attack On Titan 2

March 2018 | Koei Tecmo | Link
Chop up more grinning naked giants with more “omni-directional action”. The game follows the second season of the anime, promising new Titans, new Titan behaviour, and new ways to surgically strike at the giants’ nape weak spots.