Minecraft hits 10 million sales milestone; will probably get horses soon

Shaun Prescott


Take a deep breath: once a cult sandbox builder, Minecraft has racked up a total of more than 10 million sales across PC, Mac and Linux. Looking at the rather handy Minecraft Stats page, you can see that right this second 10,002,651 have bought the game, with 11,321 of those sales made in the last 24 hours. Those stats have probably changed by the time this post goes live, but just take that as evidence that Minecraft sells. A lot.

The 10 million figure doesn't take into account sales across mobile platforms, and nor does it account for Minecraft's swift domination on the Xbox 360. Obviously the folk at Mojang are pretty happy, so what better way to celebrate than to... add horses? That's what a hint from Mojang developer Jens Bergensten suggests is going to happen. Along with news of the milestone, Bergensten Tweeted a "subtle hint" on the main feature to be ushered in with update 1.6, pointing to the introduction of equine traversal. Boom.

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