Just Cause 2 video maps every in-game death in one haunting landscape

11.3 million people died colliding with objects or the ground in Just Cause 2. If you map them all in a spatial area to scale with the Just Cause 2 world map, then you get the video above, a beautiful and strangely poignant ghostly landscape made up of the terminus points of millions of players.

It goes to show two things. Firstly, it's easy to underestimate the amount of falling out of things onto things that happens in Just Cause 2. Secondly, hardly any players seem to have explored the spaces between the world's major roads and settlements, suggesting that vast swathes of Just Cause 2's massive world went relatively untrodden. There's even a cloud of death hanging miles above the ground. How did so many people die of collisions all the way up there?


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