July 28: a day of glory for PC gamers

Dan Stapleton

The Stars and Stripes

In response to the heroic tale of two Hawaiian PC gamers fending off an attempted robbery , former PCG US Editor-in-Chief Dan Morris came out of seclusion to issue this proclamation:

I hereby declare July 28 a "day of glory" for all PC gamers, to be observed annually with great fanfare and pride. For this was the day that we fought back against oppression and delivered a historic triumph for our kind.

It's my sincere hope that Devin Wolery, Dylan Hays, and the other heroes of Kaneohe can be profiled in the pages of PC Gamer at the earliest available opportunity. And may this august magazine bestow full and appropriate honors upon these great revolutionaries.

Let us all learn to pronounce and spell "Kaneohe," and utter it with stoic voice whenever and wherever the dignity and valor of PC gamers are impugned.

Dan Morris

Editor-in-Chief (Ret.)

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