Jazzpunk trailer is even more Jazzpunk than the last Jazzpunk trailer

Jazzpunk, eh? What's that all about? That was the question I was struggling to answer the last time we were treated to a Jazzpunk trailer . Since then I've not only learned what the game is, but also played a section of its IGF build - the very one that secured the game a Seumas McNally Grand Prize nomination. Given that, you'd think I'd be prepared to at least understand this new Jazzpunk trailer. And yet...

In case it wasn't clear from the live-action teaser, Jazzpunk is a comedy adventure that is being released on February 7th. It's a joke-packed and hilarious cavalcade of non-sequitous humour, and one of my most anticipated games of early-2014. To find out why, head over to my hands-on preview .


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