Indie point-and-click adventure Botanicula releasing on April 19


Adorable forest creatures, Czech alternative bands, and point-and-click adventure games have been kept apart for far too long. On April 19th, Jaromír Plachý and Amanita Design (creators of Machinarium) will rectify that with the release of Botanicula, which somehow looks equally sophisticated and saccharine. Damn, it's cute. The game will be released as Windows, Linux, and Mac downloads on the official site , and will include MP3s of the soundtrack, created by DVA .

John Walker of Rock, Paper, Shotgun said in a post today , "Playing the preview code of Botanicula made me so happy one of my legs fell off." That might be hyperbole, but check out the announcement trailer below and let us know how your limbs are doing.


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