HP Omen Hero video

Did you know that the hand-eye coordination of esports athletes parallels that of table tennis players, or that data suggests esports athletes can move their mouse up to 284 metres per hour? Were you aware that during game play, an esports athlete's pulse is comparable to that of a marathon runner's—or that the stress levels faced by esports players at international tournaments matches that of traditional athletes during similar events? 

Despite misconceptions, the training schedules adopted by modern esports athletes are equivocal to those undertaken by their physical counterparts - including nutrition advice, psychological coaching, and long-term health mentoring.

Having hardware that can keep pace with these players is essential, and the Intel core i7 processor alongside Omen by HP is the quintessential pairing for the modern esports athlete. 

Omen by HP is committed to supporting the future of esports and the research it's conducting into esport athlete performance will both shed light into what these players can achieve while also showcasing their incredible skills.