Guild Wars 2 building a Tower of Nightmares, readies for grand opening next week

Phil Savage


Trundling towards us on the unstoppable conveyor belt of updates is Tower of Nightmares, the next event in the Guild Wars 2 calendar. ArenaNet are being unusually cagey about what's inside the tower, but, from the scant information contained on the update page, we know that it'll be found in Kessex Hills, and has something to do with irritable fish-men the Krait. Oh, and that it's evil.

See, she's doing that growly self-harmonising evil voice! It doesn't get more evil than that.

While the contents of the tower remain a mystery, the rewards for completing the event don't. The first is a "shard", which doubles as a place of power for your home instance - thus syncing nicely with the Qwartz Crystal Node unlocked during the Bazaar of the Four Winds event. The second is "Antitoxin Spray", a healing ability available to all professions. The latter sounds like a pretty major reward, although, judging by the picture that accompanies it, it's in danger of becoming known as the Strained Trump of Life.

Tower of Nightmares will be added on the 29th October. For more information, head to the Guild Wars 2 update page .

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