GTA 5 screenshots show pretty pier, chilled out chopper

Tom Senior


Pier review

Look at that man sitting there enjoying the scenery. Yeah, the one in the black shirt. He's literally not murdering anyone. Not even a little bit. He doesn't even look as though he's about to commit murder. He's not even packing. And where are the sirens, where are the cars? Where's the crime? Where's the litter ? Los Santos is a very different place to Liberty City, that's for sure. That's a good thing, though, it marks a return to the blazing sunshine and gorgeous blue skies of LA.

Copper in a chopper

You know that old GTA saying, red sky at night: a shepherd's nicked a chopper and crashed it into a bike? No, because that's not a GTA saying at all. Yet . At least we know that when the time comes to take to the skies, we'll get to enjoy some magnificent views of the city before inevitably wrecking the helicopter into a building while trying to do a loop. This particular vehicle won't be trying anything quite so silly, piloted as it is by one of Los Santos' finest. He's going to be very, very busy when we arrive.

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