Burnt, parried, confined in stocks and decapitated. This brief selection of screenshots for Hellraid, Techland's first person hack 'n slash, are almost enough to make you feel sorry for the necromantic beasties that have arisen from their infernal underworld. Almost, but not quite. The prospect of being the one that's dishing out this holy violence is too enticing for sympathy.

A Q&A on the developer's site reveals more about how the game will play:

"In Hellraid you travel between levels using a web of magic portals. Each level can be played an unlimited number of times to complete the story campaign, side quests and to defeat forces of evil with friends while competing for experience, points, rewards and places on leaderboards.

"During the game players can use a variety of melee, ranged and magical weapons. Combat is expanded with a set of unique active skills for each character class which gives the team additional tactical capabilities while searching for treasure, completing objectives, avoiding deadly traps, fighting the hordes of enemies and boss battles."

The team also reveal more about the Game Master AI, which - like Left 4 Dead's AI Director - tweaks the location and amount of enemies, decides on loot drops and creates co-operative challenges between players.

Hellraid is due out sometime this year.