Tropical islands are great. You've got beautiful scenery, clear skies, relaxing ocean waves, peace, tranquillity, an uncloaking nanosuited man brandishing a giant pulsating stick. Wait, hang on a second... Ah, it's Crysis 3, taking a holiday from the urban jungles of New York for the newly announced The Lost Island DLC. Damn tourists.

The Lost Island is set off the coast of Ling Shan – the setting of the first Crysis - and adds four maps, two weapons, and two game modes for multiplayer.

Here's the description for the new modes:

"Frenzy adds a new dimension to deathmatch, a cycling weapon loadout every 60 seconds keeps tension high as players can only respawn during the next loadout change. An intensifying radar sweep keeps track of every move. Only the most skillful Hunter will win."

"In Possession, players secure the single objective flag for the longest time in order to win, but once the flag is secured they become the hunted, permanently tagged in the enemies HUD. Possession also boasts a team based variant, where co-ordination and teamwork will ensure victory."

The Lost Island is due out June 4th.