Free games of the week

The Spell by Rystech, Drasnus

The Spell is the Heretic to Hotline Miami's Doom, which is to say it's a top down, medieval action game that recalls Dennaton's ultra-gory indie adventure. In place of the guns and knives and pool cues and fists you'd use in Hotline Miami, you'll be firing energy bolts, flinging boulders around with telekinesis, and shooting fire from your hands to eliminate foes here. It's a bit dark—as in, so dark it can be difficult to tell what's going on—but The Spell feels good to control, it looks wonderfully gothic, and it's satisfyingly punishing of your mistakes. (Via NeoGAF)

Packing Up the Rest of Your Stuff on the Last Day at Your Old Apartment by Carter Lodwick, Ian Endsley, Dan Kelly, Brian Slattery, Scott Archer

If you're a fan of playing inventory Tetris, you'll be right at home with Packing Up the Rest of...well I'm not typing the whole bloody thing, a parcel-based puzzler that cleverly slots in bits of story around each item. Your last task in your old flat is to put all of your belongings into two differently sized boxes. Once you pick each item up, you're able to move, rotate and flip them into place, so they all fit neatly into a limited amount of packing space. While you're holding each object, a bit of text pops up at the side of the screen, offering a sliver of nostalgic narrative that sheds some light on the protagonist's backstory.

Shut Up And Slam Jam Karate Basketball by The SeaDads, Powerhoof

This is the closest thing to NBA Jam since, well, NBA Jam, and Shut Up and Slam Jam is only partly a game about basketball. Thanks to a court double-booking, you're required to fuse the sport of B-ball with the martial art known as Karate, and the result is a game where you can karate-chop and kick your opponents as you scamper about. It's a combination that works pretty well, and while this isn't as fantastically over-the-top as you might be expecting, it's a solid single-player or local multiplayer title that can be played with up to three friends.

Living With The Moonoliths by TriasStudios

Moonoliths is a game where you investigate monoliths on the moon, hence the on-the-nose name 'Moonoliths'. You might expect some light-hearted, silly game because of that proudly clumsy pun, but it's instead an atmospheric walking, well roving simulator. The twist here is that you seem to be controlling a Mars Rover-type vehicle—either that, or you're seeing through an astronaut's video feed. Either way, the grainy, stark aesthetic adds an an element of authenticity that makes the eventual reveal of the monoliths all the more powerful. (Via Warp Door)

DoodleBob—Virtual Pet Sim by fallahn

It badly needs a way for you to speed up the action (alternatively, I badly need a bit more patience), but I enjoyed this The Sims-style game where you have to take care of a naked dude living alone in his black-and-white house. Said dude, or DoodleBob to give him his full name, will potter about automatically, watching TV, listening to music, or eating a meal. You only need to interject now and then, using Bob's weekly paychecks to buy new entertainment products or essential resources. I found it too slow when I played, but I imagine if you leave it playing in the background while you're doing other things (you know, as with A Dark Room or Cookie Clicker), then Doodlebob will really come into its own.