Free games of the week

Bendy and the Ink Machine by TheMeatly Games

This inventive first-person horror takes place in a creepy studio inspired by Disney's early animations (think Steamboat Willie). Searching for your old work partner—who has apparently gone off the deep end—you're beset by cardboard cutouts of a fictional cartoon animal, in this polished, and surprisingly voice-acted first chapter of a potential series.

Character Creation Is The Whole Game by Rob Beschizza, Charles Julian Knight

You'll never be able to guess what this cute freebie all about—it's about character creation, and it's the whole game. True to that, this comprises the best bit of RPGs, namely the section at the beginning when you're picking hairstyles and adjusting nasal sliders, spending probably half-an-hour or so making the character that will come to represent you on your impending travels. Those impending travels are not so impending here, given that the game ends just after you've generated a character—however, it cleverly weaves in exposition while you're doling out the stats. Replay it after you've gone through once, to see how different things can get.

Argon Swamp by Connor Sherlock

Rather than a swampy marshland, I fancy that the peaceful, ambient Argon Swamp takes place at the bottom of a massive aquarium, or even at the base of a radioactive lake; it's a phosphorescent, alien environment you can wander around in and feel quietly poisoned for a little while. Connor Sherlock's latest walking sim goes on (seemingly) forever, so while you're trapped here you can at least stretch your legs.

SNAKISMS by Pippin Barr

Several variations of the mobile classic Snake await you here, and to spoil exactly what they involve would rob SNAKISMS of much of its SURPRISE. But you only need to look at the game names to get a hint of what lies in store, in this clever and funny, amusing and smart browser game. (Via Warp Door)

A Pirate's End by Ed Kay

What a nicely presented, well-written adventure, which is really more of a puzzle game now that I think about it. You're a pirate searching for your buried gold here, and finding it involves sailing from island to island, being fleeced out of, or donating your gold to strangers, and—if it's your first time playing—failing to secure your treasure before the day limit runs out. But with a little bit more knowledge of what to do, or more likely what not to do, it's easy enough to restart your journey, particularly when it all takes place on a single, rather beautiful map screen.