Fallout 4 for PC is $59 at one Australian retailer

Have you resigned yourself to paying US$79.95 for Fallout 4 on Steam? In Australia that's around $110 at the current exchange rate, but one local retailer is selling it for a comparatively small $59. That's a little over half what you'll pay if you get the game digitally, making for a substantial discount.

The retailer is JB Hi-Fi, and they're currently accepting preorders at that price. Of course, the physical version of the game still requires a hefty day one download, but that price drop should take the sting off a bit – especially since the Australian Steam page adds an extra US$20 on top of the $59.95 price in the US. Ouch.

Do be careful though: if you absolutely must play the game on November 10, this might not be the best option. "Your online pre-order will leave our Melbourne warehouse via Australia Post one business day prior to the official release date," the JB Hi-Fi listing reads. "Please allow 3 business days for delivery."


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