Broken Age Act 2 release date announced

Broken Age Act 2 is coming out on April 28 in America, and on April 29 in Europe.

(I was going to do a whole preamble, but I figure you've been waiting long enough for that news.)

Fifteen months after Act 1's release—and thus 15 months after Act 1's cliffhanger—adventure fans will finally get the second chunk of Double Fine's long-awaited adventure.

IGN has a video of the first 12 minutes of Act 2, should that be a thing you want to watch.

For owners of Act 1, Broken Age Act 2 will be free. Well, not free—technically you've already paid for it, y'know? For non-owners, you can secure both parts for the regular price of £19/$25.

Broken Age tells the story of a boy and a girl, both on different worlds and both trapped in their own particular way.


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