Battlefield 3 trailer shows 64-player Caspian Border map, is incredible

Tom Senior


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This is the Battlefield 3 multiplayer trailer that was just shown at the EA Gamescom press conference. It shows a war raging across the Caspian Border, a new 64 player map featuring armoured vehicles, tanks, jets, explosions and WAR. Oh my.

The footage is running on a PC. We don't just know that because of how it looks. Console versions of Battlefield 3's multiplayer maps won't be able to support 64 players . If you know anyone who's planning to pick up Battlefield 3 on a console box, kindly show them the two minutes above. It's all the proof you need that Battlefield 3 must be played on PC. Read on for some quick frame by frame impressions.

The Caspian Border map. Oh god it's huge.
In BF3 you get to see yourself ripping an enemy's dog tag from his neck after a knife kill.
Oh god, it's still huge.
We're in a jet!
That's more vehicles than you'd ever see grouped together in Bad Company 2.
The 'copter pilot on the right has lost his mind. Pull up, man!
A better look at the jet's HUD now. Is the pilot's name RollieThePollie?
So this is why that chopper pilot was flying so low. Jets are hunting above.
The first player to shoot a jet with a tank deserves a medal.
Those look like flares to throw off missile locks.
1:30 in. That flashing from the rooftop soldier looks like the glare of a sniper's laser sights.
We have no idea what this is for. It looks like a bomb disposal bot.
Just four missiles on the wings of this bird. Will jets be able to resupply?
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