Battlefield 3 server patch fixes AA missiles, tank armour, flying robot surfing

Tom Senior


Battlefield 3

There's a small problem with anti-air missiles in Battlefield 3 at the moment. If you're in a plane and you're moving fast enough, rockets bounce off you. Okay, that's not such a small problem, but there's good news. BF3 blog note that a Battlefield 3 server patch has been released (download here ) with a fix for this and a few other lingering bugs. Tank armour strength has been adjusted and there's an additional fix for the glitch that lets players lie prone on a flying MAV robot and ride it through the air. Battlefield 3 is weird.

  • Fixed AA missiles not doing damage to vehicles moving at very high speeds

  • Fixed TV Missile doing much more damage than it should (it is no longer a 1-hit kill)

  • Tweaked tank armor strength

  • MAV elevatoring fix, round 2; proning on the MAV will now disable it

  • RCON admin.say command can send to individual players

  • A few invalid map+gamemode combinations in maplist.txt could crash the server on startup; these combinations are now rejected instead

  • RCON vars.serverDescription was not returning anything in R20 if the string was not set; this has been changed to return “” instead

  • RCON player.onChat now reports the target player subset

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