Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 wingsuit BASE jump video shows sunny scenery, close brushes with brush

Omri Petitte at

Look up in the sky! Is it a toucan? Is it Vaas' ever-expanding mohawk? Neither: It's a tattooed tourist evoking the animal spirit of the flying squirrel by strapping on a wingsuit and hurling himself off one of the highest peaks dotting Far Cry 3's Rook Islands. Why? Because the squirrels commanded it. Other animals show up during BillerKee's lengthy descent such as an amazing glimpse of a tiger ambushing a boar pack and the startled barks of guard dogs. Alerted pirates are left in the...er, air, and I challenge you to not white-knuckle your chair at least once as you see how close Jason Brody skims the dirt.

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