Energy Hook is rope-swinging parkour in a water wonderland

Omri Petitte at

If Kevin Costner plied the bloated oceans of the flooded Earth in Waterworld by swinging like some sort of watery Tarzan from a thin rope of energy, I could almost forgive the gills scene. Very almost. For the rest of us non-mutated folk, we'll soon get the chance to rope around waterlogged ruins in Energy Hook, an indie parkour platformer in development by the folks behind the satisfying swing mechanics of Spider-Man 2. Don't confuse it with the already-great Gravity Hook, please.

Designers Jamie Fristrom and Paul Whitehead want to portray a future where energy hooks—grappling devices originally purposed for construction—landed in the hands of thrill-seekers naturally considering a devastated cityscape the perfect backdrop for hurling themselves through the air because, you know, style, man. Obstacle courses and free-roam areas are both in the works, and developer Happion Laboratories offered a happy comparison combination of "Spider-Man 2, Prototype, and Bionic Commando mixed with the racing and trick challenges of SSX or Tony Hawk."

Expect a Kickstarter campaign on December 8, but swing over to Energy Hook's website in the meantime for more talk and early footage.

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