Watch it live: MLG Anaheim StarCraft 2 tournament kicks off tonight

Tom Senior at

StarCraft 2

In about eight hours time, MLG Anaheim will bring the world's best StarCraft 2 players together to compete in front of a global audience. The first match, Naniwa vs. Huk, is set to kick off at 5:30 PM PDT / 1:30 AM GMT. You can find the full schedule on the MLG site, and watch matches live, for free, on MLG TV. Gold and Silver subscribers will be able to watch HD streams of every match.

If you're new to e-sports and want an introductory taste of the StarCraft 2 competitive scene, we rounded up videos of ten of our favourite matches. For more on pro-gaming, Rich recently wrote about why he loves watching StarCraft 2.