Zombox: a bloody, boxy game of zombie survival

Zombox is just what it sounds like, a zombie game where everyone is shaped like boxes. Well one good portmanteau word deserves another, so I hereby christen this game 'a-gore-able', as in adorably gory. Like a puppy stuck in a woodchipper.

It's an open world zombie survival game, vicious cuboid zombies stalk the streets, and the player must build, barricade and farm to survive. Survive well enough and you can crafting powerful weapons and paint the streets red with adorable zombie blood.

Bumbling NPCs also roam the land, helping, hindering and trading with you. Just don't hit them too many times, or they'll fly into a cute little boxy rage and smack you with a bit of pipe. Comparisons with Minecraft are inevitable, but Zombox has more enough ideas to call its own, and it has charm in spades. It probably has spades too.

Zombox is the brainchild of Tyson Ibele, who's been charting his progess on the Zombox blog , at least when it isn't being taken down by a Notch twitter attack . He's also posted a series of work in progess videos on his youtube channel . We've included some of our favourites below.