Zeno Clash 2 gets Frame-rate Challenge Mode, pitting your GPU against wireframe hordes

The quirky brawler and all-around weird game Zeno Clash 2 is getting some additions today to the tune of Steam Trading Card support and two new game modes. Coliseum Challenge Mode introduces a wave-based scenario with no limit on the number of allies, while the Frame-rate Challenge Mode will seek a new opponent: your PC.

The unusual arena is littered with CPUs, HDDs, and RAM and hurls wireframe enemies at you with increasing frequency until your framerate dips below a certain framerate, at which point we assume the game taunts you and demands that you upgrade your PC. It's certainly unique—like an interactive benchmark for your PC—and I'd love to see some serious rivalries between players as they push their skills and hardware for better records.

The Steam Trading Card additions are in the same vein as past games with card support, badges, and chat items. Along with the updates, Zeno Clash 2 has joined Steam's Midweek Madness and will be 60 percent off until August 1st.

The game will update today with the new modes. Check out our review here .