Zalman T5 mini tower case on sale for $20

If you're looking for a computer case and don't need anything overly fancy, Newegg has a really good deal going today for Zalman's T5 mini tower enclosure. It is on sale today for $20 with no promo code or mail-in-rebate to fuss with.

Shipping is free too, though you might have to fork over sales tax depending on where you live. Even so, it's half the price of what places like Amazon are selling it for.

There is some confusion over how some retailers list this case. Both Newegg and Amazon call it an ATX tower, but it does not support full-size ATX motherboards. This is a small form factor chassis for micro ATX or mini ITX mobos.

Outside of the motherboard, the case does support standard ATX power supplies and full-size graphics cards up to 300mm (around 11.8 inches). While Zalman doesn't put a length restriction on the PSU, it looks like any available size will fit—there are no obstructions to get in the way at the bottom of the case.

The case has a single external 5.25-inch drive bay for a DVD/CD burner or fan controller. On the inside are two 3.5-inch bays and three 2.5-inch SSD mounts.

You can install up to four cooling fans inside the T5. Zalman includes a 92mm fan for the exhaust, and there are two 120mm fan mounts on the side and another 120mm mount in the front.

We haven't spent any time with the T5, but for $20, it looks at least serviceable, if not downright decent.

Go here to grab this case on sale.

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