You can play the whole of Dishonored 2 without using powers

One of Dishonored's most fascinating elements is the Outsider: a sort of emo trickster god, a bit like Star Trek's Q, who shows up now and again to endow chosen people with special powers that make them better at sneaking/killing folk. He's in Dishonored 2, of course, but it's been revealed that you can tell him to stuff his powers at the start of the game, and play the entire thing with just your wits and a few handy tools.

"You can literally say 'no' to the Outsider: 'I've had enough of your gifts,'" Arkane Studios co-creator Harvey Smith has revealed on Twitter, something Bethesda's Pete Hines backed up in a livestream with IGN.

"When you meet the Outsider, you can say 'I've had enough of your games, I don't want your powers'," Hines stated in the stream, "you can play the entire game with no powers whatsoever".

It sounds like a difficult road to take, but apparently the game has been designed to allow for this—it would be a nice reward if the Outsider showed up at the end to congratulate you on your stubbornness, but we'll have to wait and see about that.

Dishonored 2, if you hadn't noticed, looks rather brilliant—you can see a nice long demo fresh from E3 here.

(Ta, IGN.)

Tom Sykes

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