Dishonored 2 extended gameplay footage shows two missions

Note: If it doesn't happen automatically, skip to 1:47:00 in the video above for the Dishonored portion.

In addition to unveiling a short gameplay trailer at its E3 press conference earlier today, Bethesda showed off a hefty chunk of live in-game Dishonored 2 footage. 

Presented by Arkane co-creative director Harvey Smith, the footage demonstrates some of the new powers belonging to co-protagonist Emily Kaldwin. These include Mesmerise, which causes enemies to neither see nor remember Emily's presence, and Domino, which causes selected enemies to die or be knocked out in a similar fashion.

Meanwhile, the second mission shown features a tool capable of seeing forward and backwards in time, which proves to be quite a handy stealth opportunity. Check out the footage above. Dishonored 2 releases on November 11.

Shaun Prescott

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