You can play Stellaris, Cities: Skylines and Surviving Mars for free this weekend

(Image credit: Paradox)

Paradox has a Steam sale going this weekend to celebrate the publisher's digital convention PDXCon Remixed. As part of the sale, you can play Stellaris, Cities: Skylines and Surviving Mars for free for the whole weekend and then pick them up at up to 80 percent off, if you're so inclined.

Stellaris and Cities: Skylines are currently the best their respective genres have to offer—Fraser argued recently that Cities: Skylines reigns supreme over urban city builders, acting as a kind of sole bastion in an otherwise unfortunately quiet genre. Stellaris on the other hand is arguably the best 4X set in space, even at 5 years old. Cities: Skylines sits comfortably in our PC Gamer Top 100 of the very best PC games, and so should Stellaris, just saying! Surviving Mars recently made a surprise comeback with a new update, and under new developer Abstraction, we can expect more in the future of the intergalactic colony sim, because Paradox games are designed to basically never end. It's half the fun, really.

The sale also has some very good offers across the Paradox catalogue on games and DLC, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Crusader Kings 3 (20 percent off)
  • Europa Universalis IV (80 percent off)
  • Age of Wonders Planetfall (75 percent off)
  • Battletech (75 percent off)
  • Tyranny Gold Edition (73 percent off)

The Paradox sale runs until Monday, May 24.