You can now romance your car in The Sims 3

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A patch is out now for The Sims 3 that, among other things, adds the ability to develop a relationship with your car. Can you insult it, cheat on it, or murder it? Well, no, because that would be a bit mad. You can name it though, once you've become firm friends with it.

You can also give your Sim the "Vehicle Enthusiast" trait at character creation. They can name their cars from the off and also fall in love with their motorised mates at a much faster rate.

The obligatory hilarious bug fix is that "Ghosts will now properly exit vehicles after arriving at their destination." Oh I don't know, back in my day ghosts all knew how to use noclip.

You can sift through which patches you might need here . Full patch notes courtesy of Blue's News :

  • New Features

  • Sims that drive extensively can now develop a relationship with their vehicles. Vehicles can be named once a friendship is formed.
  • The Vehicle Enthusiast Trait is now available. Sims with this trait can name their vehicles immediately and develop relationships with them more quickly.
  • Base Game Updates

  • Fixed an issue where ghosts could become stuck in vehicles under certain conditions. Ghosts will now properly exit vehicles after arriving at their destination.
  • Nameable items can only be named when they belong to the active household.
  • World Adventures Updates

  • Career titles for Sims visiting Egypt, France and China will now display in the Relationship Panel tooltips.
  • The Sims 3 Create a World

  • Create a World users need to install a new version of The Sims 3 Create a World Tool. Users can find the Create a World page from the “Games” drop down in the site header.