You can now play the terrible Sonic '06 on PC thanks to this Unity remake

PC gamers never experienced the horror that was 2006's Sonic the Hedgehog, also known as Sonic '06, which is considered one of the worst games in the series thanks to its ridiculous plot and bizarre level design. But dedicated fans have, for years, been determined to subject themselves to its torment on their favorite gaming platform, and one of them has just released a demo for a Unity Engine remake, titled Sonic the Hedgehog (P-06).

From the trailer, above, it looks like a near-perfect recreation, and it should have far fewer bugs and glitches. YouTuber ChaosX first posted a video about it two years ago, and says the new demo is the result of lots of hard work from them and a few friends.

You can download the demo from this Mediafire link. ChaosX has even created a form for you to report bugs so that they can be ironed out in later builds.

Where do you reckon Sonic '06 would land on our list of the best and worst Sonic games on PC?

Thanks, Dark Side of Gaming.

Samuel Horti

Samuel Horti is a long-time freelance writer for PC Gamer based in the UK, who loves RPGs and making long lists of games he'll never have time to play.