You can listen to the Civ 6 soundtrack on YouTube right now

Update: It seems the original hour and a half video was missing a few songs—roughly three hours worth, as the official Civilization YouTube account removed the original video and added a new one that's over four hours long. It also has correct timecodes for each song in the video description, so we've updated the embedded video above to the new version.

Original story: There's a lot to love about Civilization 6 (read our review here), but I came away truly amazed by its music. So amazed, that I made a whole video about how that music evolves through the different game eras. And now, all four versions of each civ's theme song is available to stream for free in one massive video on the official Civilization YouTube channel. 

As you get started in Civ 6, I encourage you to keep your ears wide open. Firaxis told me that the music playing during a game is usually a mix of the other AI civ leaders you've met, and the version depends on what era they are in. So if you are in the classical era but meet Germany while they are still in the Ancient era, the Ancient German track will be mixed into the pool of possible music you can hear. 

If, like me, you are going to listen to the whole video embedded above at least twice, you'll start hearing how the different themes shift, and then hopefully start recognizing them in the game. I don't believe this is the entire soundtrack (for example, the game's main theme is missing) but it's an impressively large collection. And pretty soon, we'll be able to mod Civ 6 to add our own tracks and make that collection even bigger.

Tom Marks
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