You can grab a $1,099 VR headset pack for $499 from Pimax's new refurb store

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VR can be hard to get into. While the Meta Quest 2 is still a great choice for beginners, there are plenty of reasons not to want to give Meta your money, and so many other options out there that cater to different needs. Pimax is one of our favourite high-end VR headset makers thanks to the massive field of view (opens in new tab), which can make a huge difference while playing games. These headsets often cost a bit more thanks to the higher resolution and increased specs, but they're about to get a bit more accessible.

Pimax has just opened its own eBay store (opens in new tab) in addition to its outlet webstores (opens in new tab), which will focus on refurbished products. There are only a few listings at the moment, but they're all officially refurbished products by Pimax complete with a 12-month warranty at a cheaper price than their newer brothers in store. 

The full headsets will also give you access to the trade-in program (opens in new tab) Pimax has become known for, letting customers exchange their older headsets for newer models at a much lower cost. That means you can buy a headset today, and when you're ready to upgrade to something like the upcoming Pimax 12K OLED, you can trade it in for a decent value (opens in new tab). It's a nice solution that means you can get into the game now and not worry about future-proofing quite so much.

Right now, thanks to the opening special you can get the refurbished Pimax Vision 8k Plus (opens in new tab) for $US679 down from $US970 via eBay. Or if you're after something a bit cheaper the Pimax 5K Plus refurb (opens in new tab) is available for $US490, down from $US699. That said, neither of those would be our pick of the bunch in this current offer.

Pimax Vision 8K X (opens in new tab)

Pimax Mystery Box | At least 1 Pimax headset | Valued between $799-$1099| $499 (opens in new tab)
Right now you can pay a fraction of the cost to get one of these refurbished Pimax headsets  with a free bonus accessory. Even if you end up with a cheaper offering, it's still a damned good deal if you're up for a little surprise.

For $499 you can get your hands on one of Pimax's famous mystery box offerings. Listed as the Blind Box on the new eBay shop, this box contains one Pimax headset and accessory, up to random chance as to what you get. It can be any headset out of the 8KX SMAS, 8K Plus and 5K Super and the list of possible accessories includes a face cushion replacement, silicon protective sleeve, and KDMAS earphones. 

Even getting the least valuable options makes it well worth the price, and there's always a chance you might be pleasantly surprised by one of the better units. There are only 50 of these blind boxes up for grabs though, so you might want to get in fast. 

As always, before grabbing one of these headsets it's important to check that your PC can run it (opens in new tab), especially with the higher-end beasties. Once you're ready to go, maybe check out how best to run a flight simulator in VR (opens in new tab), and then start drooling about trading up to the 12K model (opens in new tab) when it releases (opens in new tab)

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