Learn how to run VR flight sims and win a Pimax 8k headset

As is true of most things in life, PC gaming is a wondrous spectrum of different interests and hobbies. Among the most intense of which can be the simulation crowd, always looking to emulate real experiences as closely as possible on PC hardware. Flight simulators, like the ever popular Microsoft Flight Simulator are among the most impressive out there, complete with fantastic rigs featuring realistic control configurations like the Thrustmaster TCA Yoke Pack officially licensed by Boeing.

Combining these impressive setups with VR is often the next step for many seeking a bit of added realism to their flights of fancy. The Flight Simulator Association states that 15% of simmers are incorporating VR in their flying experience as of December last year. But it's also a lot of kit to get used to and understand. Thankfully, when it comes to flight sims and enthusiasts seeking the best experiences around, the community is rich and ready to help.

To help with this, the Flight Simulator Association and Pimax, makers of some of the most bonkers VR headsets we've seen, are hosting a webinar to help get people involved in simming in VR. It's happening live on the 27th of October at 2130-2230 UTC, where prizes and tonnes of information will be on offer.

The seminar promises to not only give viewers a look at a home VR setup, but also offer tips on how to help. This will include what to expect with a VR experience, dealing with common issues like motion sickness, what hardware you'll need, and a bunch of tips and tricks from experts who've done it all before. Then you can take to the new Microsoft Flight Sim Top Gun tie in that teaches you how to be a real maverick. 

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Those interested can register for the seminar by making a Flight Simulator Association account, or you can just check it out here on YouTube when it goes live. Having an FSA account will allow you to ask questions during the show, so if you're hankering for answers, that might be your best bet. The association will also be running a FlightSimExpo next year running from June 23-25 in Houston, Texas, for in person questions.

For those looking to get their hands on a brand spanking new headset, Pimax is offering a discount code for its store that'll be revealed during the event. Or better yet, you can potentially win one a Pimax 8KX or Pimax Crystal headsets just for taking part. The Pimax 8KX is a 4k headset boasting that crazy 200 degree field of vision Pimax is known for. It usually goes for $1,335 USD, but they're still on sale due to the Pimax birthday celebrations. The Pimax Crystal, on the other hand is one of the newest headsets to release for the brand making it an even better prize.

But again, these headsets aren't for the faint hearted, and will require some other intense kit to go with it, not to mention tracking devices. Though with their stellar resolutions and visual fidelity, there's no doubt these would be amazing headsets, especially for a flight simulator experience. Getting a full field of view while you're flying would just be breath taking with one of these, though it'll take a mean machine to power it. Still, the seminar on offer should go through all of what's required in detail, which is exactly what it's for.

If flight sims, VR, or some combination of both are your jam this definitely feels like a seminar not to be missed. Whether you're looking for a serious experience, or want to be a badass flying a Halo pelican in MS Flight Sim. Until then, why not check out some of our favourite flight sims on PC to open your mind to a sky full of possibilities. 

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