You can extend the life of this gaming mouse by swapping out the switches

Asus announced a new mouse under its Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand, the ROG Gladius II Origin, and if you manage to wear this thing out you're doing some serious clicking. That's because Asus includes an extra set of Omron switches that doubles the rated 50-million click lifespan to 100 million clicks.

The extra set of switches offer a different click resistance, which is also why they're included. However, Asus is pitching both angles (longer life, different feel), along with a "push-fit" socket design that is supposed to make it easy to swap switches.

"ROG Gladius II Origin features an exclusive push-fit switch socket design that allows gamers to easily change switches in order to suit preferred click resistance and feedback. This feature also extends the lifespan of the mouse because worn or broken switches can simply be replaced," Asus says.

This is a wired optical mouse with a 12,000 dpi sensor. It supports on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments, a pretty standard feature among gaming mice. You can detach the USB cable, though it doesn't function wirelessly so all you really gain by doing that is perhaps easier transportation. It actually comes with two cables, a rubber one and a braided one, along with a carrying pouch.

There are five buttons on this mouse, not including the scroll wheel (we assume it functions as one, but the listing and press release don't make that clear). The ones we know about include the two main buttons, a DPI switch that sits underneath the scroll wheel, and two more on the left side.

RGB lighting is part of the package too, because what doesn't have RGB lighting these days? In this case, you can sync the light show with your other Aura-enabled gear using the company's ROG Armoury and/or Aura software.

The ROG Gladius II Origin is available now for $100.

Paul Lilly

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