You can build a glassy-looking PC inside this Corsair case that's on sale for $100

You can build a glassy-looking PC inside this Corsair case that's on sale for $100
Save $35 on Corsair's iCue 4000X RGB mid-tower chassis with this deal. (Image credit: Corsair)

Choosing the right chassis for your build is an exercise in balancing both form and function, and you shouldn't have to sacrifice one or the other. With that in mind, Corsair's iCue 4000X RGB is worth checking out—it can be had for just $99.99 at Newegg.

That's the price after a couple of discounts—one is a $15 off promo code (CSRDE5) at checkout, and the other is a $20 mail-in-rebate. So you're coming in $35 below this case's MSRP, and looking at the price tracking history on Amazon (via Camelcamelcamel), it does usually sell for the full amount.

Corsair iCue 4000X RGB Mid-Tower Case |$134.99$99.99 at Newegg after rebate (save $35)CSRDE5
Keep it glassy

Corsair iCue 4000X RGB Mid-Tower Case | $134.99 $99.99 at Newegg after rebate (save $35)
This is a case that's built to show off your building chops, with glass panes on the sides and front. It also offers lots of airflow and cable routing amenities. Be sure to use coupon code CSRDE5 at checkout and submit the $20 mail-in-rebate for the full discount.

This is a mid-tower case for people who like glass on the exterior, and a lot of it—both the side panels are tempered glass, and the same goes for the front panel, behind which sit a trio of 120mm fans with RGB lighting.

The front panel doesn't extend to both edges of the case, and instead leaves open "front ventilation channels" to allow cool air to be sucked into the case. We haven't tested this chassis but, for what it's worth, the user reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Overall, there's room for up to six 120mm fans, or four 140mm fans. If you're looking to go the liquid cooling route (all-in-one or otherwise), the case can also accommodate up to a 360mm radiator in the front and a 280mm radiator tucked underneath the roof.

For storage, it serves up a pair of 2.5-inch SSD trays (behind the motherboard tray) and two 3.5-inch HDD bays. That should be enough for most people, considering just about every modern motherboard boasts at least one M.2 slot to install an NVMe SSD for primary storage duties.

With so much glass in play, this is also a case for people who enjoy routing cables for a clean-looking PC, or hate routing cables but do it anyway to show off their build. This case is certainly designed for the task, with 25mm of space behind the motherboard tray and a dedicated channel to tuck them into, a PSU shroud to keep excess cables out of view, and support for mounting a graphics card vertically (you'll need a PCIe riser cable, which is not included). From here, it looks like a lot of case for a Benjamin.

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