Yes, you can cram every NPC in Hitman 3's Mendoza map into a grape press

Stuffing Sapienza's population into a single meat freezer? That's old news. This week, one Hitman 3 player spent a solid 10 hours methodically dumping the population of Mendoza into a grape press to create the most forbidden wine.

One of the more novel kill opportunities in Hitman 3, the Argentinian vineyard includes an industrial grape press for, well, "compressing" your targets. It's a big press, though, and YouTuber Teallen96 reckoned it should be possible to fit every NPC in the map into the oversized bucket.

Without a full stream, we don't have definitive proof that the act of systematically knocking out, dragging and stacking Mendoza's NPCs too the alleged 10 hours. But it's not too outlandish a claim—after all, our previous mass NPC murder scenario took streamer RTGame over 7 hours

Teallen's video also has a far greater pay-off. You'll remember that Sapienza's meat locker created a kind of human shield effect, loose ragdolls preventing RTGame from wiping out the map in a single shot. But the grape press is brutally efficient—leaving only loose outfits, a few smears of blood, and the slow ticking of Hitman 3's "Body Hidden" notification.

Granted, vaporising a villa has a destabilising effect on the game's performance, bringing Hitman 3 to a crawl as the deed is done. An earlier save also shows one lucky sod surviving the press. Well, lucky in that he gets to live the rest of his life with the harrowing memory of being a human grape.

Mendoza is one of the PC Gamer team's favourite Hitman levels, falling just short of the top 5 with its darkly comic, deeply layered villa. If you're looking for the best way to get into the series, Andy K has put together the perfect Hitman primer to pore over. Now, anyone for a glass of red?

Thanks, Kotaku.

Natalie Clayton
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