XCOM 2 expansion teases first Chosen enemy, The Assassin

The quote featured above may sound poetic, but it seems War of the Chosen's Assassin has the skills to back up her words. Announced at our E3 PC Gaming Show last week, the new XCOM 2 expansion will come with three distinct alien adversaries—the first of which Firaxis has chosen to showcase is the sword-wielding cyborg Assassin. 

As you'll see in the Inside Look trailer below, she's pretty cocksure. Which is the last thing your squad needs when staring down the blade of a razor-sharp katana.

A stealth based melee unit, The Assassin has the ability to vanish before your eyes which helps her sneak up on her foes. That's you, unfortunately, which means you'll want to be extra careful in sidestepping her preferred close combat approach. That said, The Assassin poses a threat from distance too: her 'Harbor Wave' ability strikes a wide-reaching beam of brutal psionic force.  

And as if that wasn't bad enough, The Assassin can also kidnap your soldiers. 

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is due August 28. Read Tom's conversation with Firaxis' Jake Solomon with regards to the expansion in the meantime.