How to find the Hairy Egg in Shadowlands

Shadowlands Hairy Egg wow
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Looking for the WoW Hairy Egg in Shadowlands? While that may sound like a bad euphemism, The Hairy Egg is actually an item you'll need to acquire one of the new companion pets introduced in World of Warcraft's latest expansion.

There are plenty of new wild pets to be fought and captured in Shadowlands, but if you're after one of the less obvious pets, you've come to the right place. Read on to find out where you can find the Shadowlands Hairy Egg in WoW and nab yourself a shiny new companion pet.

WoW Hairy Egg: Where to find the Strange Growth in Shadowlands

First, you'll need to head to Maldraxxus. You're looking for a WoW Strange Growth, found around the pools to the north-east of the Theater of Pain (you can see the exact location on the map above). Locate the 'waving tendril' just to the north of one of the pools there. 

Interact with the tendril and walk away from it (in any direction) to pull it free and you'll reveal the Strange Growth hidden beneath. Interact with the Strange Growth to loot the Hairy Egg. 

If you check the Hairy Egg in your inventory, you'll notice it has a duration of three days. Once the time is up, the item will turn into a Bloodlouse Larva, which you can add to your collection of pets.

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