How to find and complete The Angry Scytheclaws in WoW Classic

WoW Classic The Angry Scytheclaws location
(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

WoW Classic The Angry Scytheclaws is a quest in The Barrens zone that's tripping up players. Right up there with Mankrik’s missing wife, this quest can be difficult to find—and sometimes difficult to complete. Here’s your guide for getting it done.

The Angry Scytheclaws is part of a long chain of quests starting with Sergra Darkthorn in the Crossroads. Her first quests for you are for killing Plainstriders and collecting hooves from oddly-hoofless Zhevras. Kill Savannah Prowlers for their claws and Echeyakee for his hide and she’ll decide her next thirst for blood is the raptors in the central area of the zone.

You might consider picking up the Raptor Horns quest from Mebok Mizzyrix in Ratchet, also in The Barrens, and doing it at the same time. The raptors for this quest also drop the horns.

WoW Classic The Angry Scytheclaws location

The reason why this quest can be hard to find is similar to that of The Lost Battle: They’re both in the same featureless part of the Barrens, along the Gold Road. Run south from Crossroads for a while on the main north-to-south road, until you see a bridge over a dry riverbed. Just before the bridge, look to your left.

You’ll see some lumps in the dusty plain there next to a small hill and some bones. Those are the raptor nests Darkthorn refers to in the quest. If you get close, you’ll see different glowing light effects over the nests. If you’re using a coordinates add-on, you’re looking for 52,46.

In the map we post with this story, the small character arrow is located where the quest raptors and nests are located.

Sergra asks you to kill Sunscale Raptors and collect their feathers. The features only drop from Sunscale-type raptors—not the other types of raptors rampant in this zone—and they’d only drop for me in this particular area.

This is one of those odd questing zones in WoW Classic. Either there are a million raptors, repeatedly killing you on top of the one you’re trying to dispatch (not to mention the angry plainstriders and centaurs that path through here), or there are no raptors at all because everyone else has already made them extinct.

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

The feathers are not a 100 percent drop, so you’ll have to kill more than three of these fairly nasty raptors. It seemed to me that the ones that showed the feathers on their models also dropped feathers, but it could be that random raptors have the feathered model.

Once you have three feathers in your inventory, you should hit each of the three nests; Each is a different color. After interacting with all three, you’ll complete the quest and can return to the Crossroads for your reward: Another quest from Sergra.

It’s worth doing each nest as you kill the raptors next to it. Depending on how many other people are killing for this quest, the raptors can respawn fairly quickly, making it troublesome to clear the nests again.

This quest series continues for six more quests, taking you to Camp Taurajo. You’ll kill two named, elite monsters, plus a pile of thunder hawks and thunder lizards. Most quests just reward silver; the final quest awards a green-quality shield or wand; plus a leather belt.