Worms is returning in 2020 and promises big changes

Team17 is bringing back its wriggly warriors for another round of invertebrate murder this year. The first teaser, above, doesn't show off any of the new game, but it does hint at big changes on the horizon.

After going on a nostalgic trip through the history of Worms, the teaser literally destroys the old games, making way for this year's mystery game. It's Worms as we've never seen it before, apparently, with Team17 adding that there's be "New Worms, new ways to play," in a tweet. 


Worms is no stranger to reinvention. It briefly went full 3D, controversially, and later games have added things like physics and procedural water. The last game, 2016's WMD, was heavily inspired by '99's Armageddon, but also threw vehicles into the mix. For the most part, however, the fundamentals have stayed the same, so maybe it's time for a shake-up. 

Team17's not spilling any more details just yet, but more are coming soon. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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