Worlds Adrift challenges the future of the MMO at the PC Gamer Weekender

Worlds Adrift

What's next for massively multiplayer games? Co-founder of Bossa Studios Henrique Olifiers and game designer Luke Williams will take to the stage at the PC Gamer Weekender to challenge the familiar tropes of the MMO.

"In the past few years, MMO has become synonymous of formulaic gameplay that doesn't bring anything new in terms of design, sparking emotions ranging from indifference to outright rejection of the genre by many players," they say. "How did one of the once most popular genres became so stale, and what lies in the future for massive online games?"

Henrique and Luke will share some of their own ideas, and discuss the ways they're implementing them in Worlds Adrift, an MMO set in a cluster of floating islands where players are free to explore, build and conquer using airships and sweet gliders.

"We hope it brings something new and helps kickstart a new way of creating multiplayer experiences with an evolution towards MMSG—massively multiplayer sandbox games."

It should be a thought-provoking session, and one of many on our developer stages at the PC Gamer Weekender. This week we've already teased exclusive sessions from the developers of Star Citizen, Stellaris, Divinity: Original Sin 2 and many, many more! We'll also have 40+ games to play, including indie gem, SUPER HOT, and games that aren't even out yet, like Dark Souls 3 and Total War: Warhammer.

Tickets are available now for just £14.99, and you can gain access even cheaper when you use the code PCG20 to knock 20% off. Tickets come with a free Steam key for the excellent Dustforce, and you can pick up a scratchcard at the event that will grant you a free game from SEGA's extensive PC library. See you there!


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