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World of Warships trailer prepares for E3 with palpable suspense

Tanks: brash, loud and angry . Planes: flighty, nimble and aloof . Ships? 'Booming' is the word that comes to mind, especially in light of this E3 trailer for World of Warships. It might as well feature a nearby group of monks, slowly chanting "boats, boats, boats, boats..."

CGI trailers are a favourite tactic of Wargaming, but, in this instance, it would be nice to see the game in action. World of Warships is the last remaining hold-out in the developer's trilogy of, er, war worlds, and they're in no hurry to announce a release date.

In the meantime then, we'll have to make do with a series of developer diaries that kicked off late last month .

Phil Savage
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