World of Warplanes 1.4 update releases today, bringing new maps and improvements

The highlight of each Wargaming update is that they're so often accompanied by a lavish, if unrelated, trailer. World of Tanks has long since set the record for most insanely bombastic CGI videos , and so it seems as if World of Warplanes' teasers are going to be an altogether classier affair. I guess, for players of the game, the new maps, features and improvements introduced in today's 1.4 patch—including a separate launcher for SD and HD profiles and improved matchmaking—are also something to anticipate.

With the update, players will be able to choose between two versions of the client, giving those with limited space or power the chance to download a smaller 'SD' version of the game. The developers are also revealing "Matchmaker 2.0", which they say will ensure even flight squads across both teams, and a more balanced selection of tiers and plane types each match.

Also added: a new premium Tier VI plane for each nation. The Soviet Bell P-39Q-15 Airacobra, German Supermarine Spitfire V DB 605, British North American Mustang Mk.I, Japanese Kawasaki Ki-88, and the American Grumman XP-50. I'm about 80% sure that those are actual planes, and somebody didn't just pass out on a keyboard.

Finally, there are two new maps: Winter War and Hidden Airbase. The former is "dark and hazardous", while the latter takes place around a secret military facility. Expect World of Warplanes 1.4 to arrive later today.

Phil Savage

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